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About us | EPTA

About us



Express Property Tax Appeals, LLC (EPTA) is the brainchild of Polter Law Group, PC. At EPTA, we have helped property owners save hundreds of thousands of dollars in property taxes.


Because PLG has experienced such wonderful growth and success in the property tax appeals arena it has made the decision to establish a stand-alone LLC – EPTA. This made for much better business and general sense, streamline ease of case monitoring and to better address the client’s needs.


Stephen Polter, proprietor of both PLG and now EPTA, is a true seasoned veteran in the property tax appeal arena. He has a knack for what it takes to get a job done. All his clients will sing his praises as he has achieved success at the settlements stage, obviating the need to, or cost of, taking the appeal all the way to the tribunal. This results in not only saving clients on their property taxes but also saving them the steep costs and time associated with bringing the matter to the Tribunal. Stephen is diligent, thorough, persistent and is “great” at promptly returning calls and emails. 


There is still plenty of savings to be had as many property owners and managers have not yet bothered to appeal their property taxes, perhaps because they simply did not have the time to sit down and analyze their assessments, because they weren’t sure where to turn, or because they did not believe that they’re entitled to any relief. Allow EPTA to take a look – it’s free.


EPTA will offer you a free consultation and an honest opinion of whether it believes there are any savings to be had and what these savings may look like.


Who should engage EPTA:

  • Anyone who has recently purchased real estate.
  • Anyone who has not appealed their property tax in the past 4 years.
  • Anyone who may have appealed on their own (BIG mistake) or through a competitor (not as big a mistake, but a mistake nonetheless).
  • Anyone who is unhappy with the customer service s/he is receiving from their currently retained representative.
  • Anyone who is unsatisfied with the results of a currently pending or recently settled property tax appeal.


We welcome any commercial property owner, broker, manager.


We also welcome you to download our free PDF guide, entitled: Property Tax Appeals and its Minutia…Simplified.


We mostly look forward to saving you $$$ on your property taxes.

 Property Tax Appeals and its Minutia…Simplified 

contact EPTA now!